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Talley Law Group PLLC is a boutique entertainment law firm based in New York City. We are passionate about representing creative people and innovative businesses. From music and film production to copyright and trademark law, we provide sound legal education and strategic guidance to elevate your brand or business. 


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Our practice provides services in both the traditional and digital landscape of entertaiment.

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What Is An Attorney's Role?

The role of an attorney is to act for another person in business or legal matters.  An attorney also applies his or knowledge of the law to advise, advocate or defend the needs of the client.

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POPLAW Podcast

For the latest in pop culture and entertainment law, catch our Founder discussing current celebrity courtroom drama, contract disputes, and infringement claims. 

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Our Practice

Talley Law Group PLLC  is a boutique entertainment law firm that protects and promotes artists interests spanning across the creative industries.  We counsel  artists and help our clients achieve their business and creative goals, while maintaining their intellectual property rights. We pride ourselves on providing stellar legal representation and educating  our clients on the legal significance of their deals. 


Do what you were born to do. You just have to trust yourself.

— Beyoncé 

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A Customized Service

Our attorneys represent clients in all facets of the entertainment industry.